Simple Calculator

I implemented a simple calculator in my university life. I used JavaScript and html to implement this calculator. Today I have edited this. Using jquery I have built it draggable. By this calculator, simple all calculation can be calculated. Example: Add, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, square root etc. The screen shot of this calculator are shown below….

Figure: Simple Calculator.

It’s too much easy and funny calculator. I think beginner might be helpful to learn JavaScript because here contains simple functionalities which will be more flexible to understand. see the demo here

Please click here to download this calculator.


[ NOTE : Its not for commercial use ]



5 Responses to “Simple Calculator”

  1. Arafatul Islam Says:

    Super man 🙂 keep going

  2. Rajib Hasan Says:

    i personally appreciate programmer of jquery .who buildup this calculator.
    But i think that if this calculator is be a scientific calculator .then its may be too much efficient for the user.

    no caution

  3. Kirk Says:

    Good work. If I understand correctly this is incomplete (left as an exercise to the downloader), so I’ll describe some of the things that should be fixed by anyone hoping to use this (tested using Firefox 3):

    1) The blank memory key (top left) puts a “7” in when clicked. I’m not even sure what this button is should probably be disabled or a label.
    2) I wasn’t able to figure out if [sqrt] or [%] worked for a while; on basic calculators, 9 [sqrt] immediately returns “3” (the reason for this is to allow you to continue performing operations). Indeed, if one enters 625 / 25 [sqrt] =, on a normal calculator you get 125. On this one, you get 5. To put this another way…you’re required to hit [=] after hitting [sqrt]. That’s not quite right.
    3) To be like a real calculator, after some operations, clicking a number should clear the display, i.e., start a new session, instead of appending to it, e.g.:
    a) 78 M+ 1 –> should be 1, not 781
    b) =
    c) etc
    4) Clearing the display when operations are clicked is…disconcerting…but understandable. Perhaps a label next to the display indicating the operation just clicked and NOT clearing the display would be a little more intuitive, but I haven’t seen the code.
    5) [M+] doesn’t actually “+”. What it’s doing is [MS] (memory store), so it should be labeled [MS] or be made to do an actual “+”. In fact, I’d use the top left button by bumping the others up and inserting [MS], and create a label in the top row indicating “M” or “”.
    6) Clicking = should always repeat the last operation; it usually does…but I had at least one case when it didn’t.
    7) Items that return NaN (not a number) allow appending when they should probably “freeze” the calculator.
    8) [clear] does not clear the operation buffer. For example, 12*6 [=] “72” [Clear] 45 [=] “540”. Whoops.
    9) Order of operations (OoO). Yes, this is a more complicated topic, so there’s no reason to expect it. However, the most basic function, e.g., 5+6*3=23, which we can expect without OoO (scientific calculators = 33, which is OoO “correct”). Unfortunately, your calculator doesn’t chain operations so you end up with 18. At the very least it should calculate the result, as if [=] was pressed, when a new operation is chosen.

    So…it’s great in the sense that you have an interface, and the basic operation is there…as well as the nice jQuery float…but I think it would be a problem for people using historically basic calculators. If I had time, I’d help…but…I’ve got to keep looking for a client.

    Wish it was ready for me, but definitely good work so far. 🙂

  4. mdkausar Says:

    thanks Kirk to visit my blog as well as comment my post.I am so busy now.I have already fixed some problems.Remaining and some addition functionalities i will add here soon.

  5. M. Rahman Says:

    Demo URLs are broken

    Can u check if they work?

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